Yes! We do LOVE Italian style, elegance and secret.

Yes! We do LOVE to tell you the tips on how to dress like Italian women.

Yes! We do LOVE to show you how to dress simply elegant but smartly.

Italian women are known all over the world for their effortlessly chic style. Their secret lies in la bella figura, which literally means “the beautiful figure” but broadly means making a good impression. In Italy, every situation is an opportunity to embrace la bella figura.

“la bella figura”

… “la bella figura” … literally translates to “the beautiful figure.” It specifically means to dress well to make a good impression … La bella figura, though, is much more than appearance. It is also about dignity, hospitality and politeness.

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That’s why you’ll see exquisitely dressed Italians women during an ordinary supermarket run or doctor’s appointment. Say with us Ciao Bella!

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The last but not least, don’t wait for special occasions, as each day is special, so you better wear your good stuff in your everyday life. Believe us; saving the best pieces in your wardrobes will only make it look older. So, you better follow our tips and fashion suggestions you always look and feel with Monamoni pretty, attractive, and remembered.

Yes! Monamoni wardrobe is setting the trends.

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